Biddeford School Department Collective Bargaining Agreement

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As Biddeford School Department and the Biddeford Education Association continue to negotiate their collective bargaining agreement, many residents and stakeholders are curious about the process and potential outcomes.

A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a contractual agreement between an employer and a union that represents the employees. The CBA governs the terms and conditions of employment, including wages, benefits, and working conditions.

The negotiation process for a CBA typically involves meetings between the union and management, with both sides presenting their proposals and bargaining for a mutually beneficial agreement.

In Biddeford, the negotiations between the School Department and the Education Association have been ongoing for several months. The main points of contention are salaries and healthcare benefits.

Salaries for teachers in Biddeford are currently lower than those in neighboring districts. The Education Association is seeking a significant increase in pay to bring salaries more in line with other districts and to attract and retain high-quality educators.

Healthcare benefits are also a major sticking point. The School Department is seeking to increase employee contributions to healthcare costs, which the Education Association views as a potential decrease in overall compensation for teachers.

The negotiations are being conducted in private, and both sides have declined to comment on specific details of the proposals being discussed. However, it is expected that both sides will continue to work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

The outcome of the CBA negotiations will have a significant impact on the Biddeford School Department, its employees, and the community as a whole. With the ongoing pandemic and its effects on education, it is more important than ever to have a stable and fair agreement in place.

As negotiations continue, it is important for both sides to remain open-minded and willing to compromise in order to reach a CBA that benefits all parties involved. The Biddeford community will be closely watching and eagerly awaiting the outcome of these negotiations.